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Germany VOIP

Another step foward from what they were doing, Jajah is now started offering call within Germany and Austria free of cost.

according to Jajah, this arrangement reaches about 100 million people. Jajah has tied up three big companies in europe mainly,

1) Pro7/Sat1 - Germany's largest television station reaching 80 million viewers.
2) Bild-T Online - Germany's largest Newspaper.
3) News-Austria - Austria's largest media company.

Each company will be incorporating the Jajah application into its web sites,. The only difference is the call will now be supported with advertising. however its not very clear how the advertising will be run.

Will it be a voice ad or banner ad? I think it will be voice ad run every time you make a call.

USA Canada VOIP Call

Many of you are pissed off with Skype's decision to no more offer FREE calls within US & Canada and have started looking out for alternatives.Although, i have covered many articles about the new alternatives in the market. This one is pretty cool. Its call iCall. It has something unique that many other alternatives doesn't offer. You can call anyone in US & Canada for free using iCall from anywhere in the world.Anywhere in the world is Outstanding feature. Many other providers want you to be registered or dont provide services to traditional PSTN line countries such as India, Bangladesh, Pakistan etc.iCall is definately worth trying. If you like the features and service, you might wanna stick around still you have something else. You can download icall from hereFor more info on features, please visit their site

Free WorldWide Voip Solutions

GizmoCall a SIPphone service has launched a
new web-based voice-over-IP (VoIP) service
that will allow users making phone calls
directly from theirweb browser. It all
based on Flash.

I wonder how many other websites do that. It
doesnt seem Jajah used Flash. However, I am
not able to find any real difference in
using Flash Plugin to make a call. I will do
some study and testing and will post some

Back to the news, The web based interface
allows the users to enter the enter in
international format such as (+12221112121)
and then click Call. If you dont have a
flash plug-in installed (first time users),
then it will ask you to install the plug-in.
Just install and it will automatically
recognise it. Then the call is sent out to
the number you wanted to call.

You need to use headphones (or speaker) and
mic to talk.

According to the website, Users get five minutes of calling per day to
just about any phone number and can double
that if they register with an email address.
For more calls, users can purchase Call Out
minutes. Besides PSTN phones they can call
for free google talk users, Windows Live
users, Gizmo Project users and any other SIP

Voip Solutions


VOIPYourLife is also a good and fast growing Voicce
over Internet Protocol provider. VOIPYourLife is quite
new to the game of VoIP providers, and doesn’t offer
good features like Skype or Vonage but why most people
go with VOIPYourLife is their quality support. Upon
signing up with VOIPYourLife you get a free phone
adapter which [...]


VoicePulse is one of the fastest growing Voice over
IP service provider. The dis-advantage with VoicePulse
is they lack a good feature which is 911 emergency
support. VoicePulse also offers a web based interface
for monitoring, managing and configuring your account.
Their customization level is quite impressive.


inTalk Limited and Unlimited VoIP plans, starting at
$8.50 a month.


My experience with Voipgo has been a pretty horrible
nightmare. At first I was willing to deal with some
occasional hassles in return for an extremely
competitive rate. It is worth noting however that with
this service you will not be able to check voice mail
from any location other then your phone offers some of the best features and
services for any size business in today’s market. We
have the most flexibility and scalability when it comes
to your business communications and at the lowest rates

Vonics Digital

Unlimited calls anywhere in the United States and
Canada for the low price $18.99 for the first six months
and $24.99 a month thereafter .